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Intercollegiate Sports Accident Program

The benefits your student athletes need.
The budget you require.

Intercollegiate athletic programs are vital to your student athletes and to your institution. Students deserve the best care, but getting the right price and discounts are critical to your athletic department’s financial health. That’s why FirstRisk Advisors designed our program to deliver premium coverage and service — at the budget you require.

Firmly rooted in athletic insurance, FirstRisk Advisors has maintained strong relationships with colleges and universities across the country for more than two decades. We take the time to analyze your athletic insurance needs, review your claims and provider details and offer ongoing strategies for cost containment.

  • Dedicated Account Managers

    When you choose FirstRisk Advisors, you’re gaining a true partner, starting with a dedicated Account Manager who is just a phone call away, ready to answer questions and provide support. These dedicated professionals — coupled with our technologically advanced reporting strategies, unparalleled attention to detail, and in-person communication — are your guarantee of superior claims administration and services.

  • Comprehensive cost-containment strategies

    Your school has unique challenges. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, your situation and respond with cost-containment strategies that are both comprehensive and affordable. When you work with FirstRisk Advisors, you can expect a customized sports insurance program that follows NCAA regulations.

Intercollegiate Sports Accident Program

Delivering Winning Coverage to Student Athletes

Intercollegiate Sports Census and Questionnaire

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Dedicated to the athletic insurance market, we have three unique differentiators:


Comprehensive provider evaluations ensure our insurance partners provide the coverage needed while identifying the providers offering the best discounts to the program.


Verification of each athlete’s active insurance policy, including confirmation that their personal insurance covers athletic injuries.


Access to supplemental sports plans that we can provide to athletes that don’t have other insurance.


FirstRisk Advisors

Student athletes have unique insurance coverage needs, and Athletic Departments need to find custom solutions to provide them with the right benefits. That is why FirstRisk Advisors has staff solely dedicated to intercollegiate athletics.

  • Dedicated support and online tools

    Reduce claims complexity, minimize reimbursement wait times and empower your athletic department staff. Full training and ongoing support is also available.

  • Information for better decision-making

    Receive materials for enrollment periods, anytime support from dedicated Account Managers and competitive pricing.

  • Partners in Solutions™

    When you choose FirstRisk Advisors, you’ll be supported every step of the way. From patiently explaining every detail until you or your student feels comfortable to alleviating red tape, we educate, advocate and go above and beyond to do what is right.

Find out why institutions across the country are turning to FirstRisk Advisors for their Intercollegiate Sports Accident Program.

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Intercollegiate Sports Census and Questionnaire

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