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UnitedHealthcare Closely Monitoring Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV):
As with any public health issue, UnitedHealthcare will work with and follow all guidance and protocols issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local public health departments regarding Novel Coronavirus/2019-nCoV. Please review the UnitedHealthcare Coronavirus Information for any questions you may have.


Highly customized packages delivered with exceptional service.

Unlike many of our competitors, FirstRisk Advisors is a needs-based organization. That means, we listen to you, focus on your needs, and develop a totally customized plan that fits your long-term strategy and stays within your budget.

Our dedicated team will provide “always-on” service through our proven FirstRisk Advisors Method™. This time-tested process ensures you receive personalized service from onboarding and implementation, all the way through to re-enrollment. You’ll even receive periodic progress checks and ongoing support to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

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“I love the hands-on approach with FirstRisk … none of my concerns are too big or too small to tackle and they make me feel like my students matter.”

— Monica S. Gaskin, Student Health Services Coordinator, University of the District of Columbia

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We start by learning all about you and your members, identifying your specific needs, goals and budget to pinpoint the facts that will guide the creation and customization of a plan for your organization.

Need help understanding your current plan or selecting a new one? Let's talk!

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