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Highly customized packages delivered with exceptional service.

Unlike many of our competitors, FirstRisk Advisors is a needs-based organization. That means, we listen to you, focus on your needs, and develop a totally customized plan that fits your long-term strategy and stays within your budget.

Our dedicated team will provide “always-on” service through our proven FirstRisk Advisors Method™. This time-tested process ensures you receive personalized service from onboarding and implementation, all the way through to re-enrollment. You’ll even receive periodic progress checks and ongoing support to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

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“I love the hands-on approach with FirstRisk … none of my concerns are too big or too small to tackle and they make me feel like my students matter.”

— Monica S. Gaskin, Student Health Services Coordinator, University of the District of Columbia

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We start by learning all about you and your members, identifying your specific needs, goals and budget to pinpoint the facts that will guide the creation and customization of a plan for your organization.

Need help understanding your current plan or selecting a new one? Let's talk!

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