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The industry’s most trusted provider – your most reliable partner.

FirstRisk has been providing customized life, student accident and health insurance, employee benefits and value-added coverage to companies all across the country for over 20 years. We understand — when it comes to student insurance and employee benefits — every organization is different. That’s why each of our premium coverage solutions are carefully designed using our unique FirstRisk Advisors Method.™

How we work with you

Step 1: Discovery
Step 1: DiscoveryStep 2: CustomizationStep 3: OnboardingStep 4: ImplementationStep 5: EnrollmentStep 6: SupportStep 7: Evaluation & Renewal
Step 1


We start by learning all about you and your members, identifying your specific needs, goals and budget to pinpoint the facts that will guide the creation and customization of a plan for your organization.

This proven process starts with an in-depth discovery of your needs. We’ll listen closely, craft customized solutions, and walk you through the education, implementation and enrollment process, while providing dedicated support every step of the way.

We’re 100% committed to delivering a premier client experience that leads to your success.

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“FirstRisk listened to our concerns and needs and crafted programs that gave us maximum coverage and reasonable rates for each type of plan we needed.”

— George Hassel, Associate Vice President for Compliance & Risk Management, Widener University

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