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Building a Student Health Insurance Plan

When evaluating any student health insurance plan, it is critical to understand that student health insurance benefits can be vastly different than traditional employer sponsored health insurance. This is true not only in benefits but in legal and administrative aspects as well.

Because insurers traditionally file student insurance policies as blanket, rather than group, certain commonly assumed features of group insurance, such as HIPAA, COBRA, Being Primary and no Pre-Existing Conditions, may or may not apply. It is crucial that these issues be addressed and taken into consideration when either building a new student health policy, or renewing your current one.

FIRSTRISK ADVISORS, a leader in both the student health and employee benefits markets has the experience and knowledge to successfully identify these differences and mitigate their negative impact to students and the overall student health policy. A First Risk Advisor consultant will work with you to determine what your goals are for the student health policy, whether you are starting one for the first time or re-evaluating your existing one. We will also incorporate those values and goals into the student health insurance program and monitor their effectiveness.

FIRSTRISK ADVISORS can and will be your partner.

For a copy of FIRSTRISK ADVISORS, “Guide to Building a Student Health Insurance Plan”, please follow the link below.

View an example of “Building a Student Health Insurance Plan”.