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Enrollment & Open Enrollment Services

Now that you’ve developed a great benefits package for your employees the next step is to share it with them. We offer a wide range of open enrollment services designed to communicate to your employees the coverage, benefits and services available through your benefits package.

Employee Communications
Recognizing your time is valuable, we will work with a point person from your organization to oversee the promotion of your benefits package including open enrollment meetings.

We can also assist with the creation of any enrollment packets and supplemental materials, such as flyers, stuffers, posters or email flyers that you might need to explain your company’s benefits package to employees. As part of our communication program, all of our benefits customers receive our “Did You Know” fact sheet. This informational document is provided to you for distribution to your employees and offers quick snippets of information to help them make the most of their benefits package.

Open enrollment meetings are customized to meet yours and your employees’ time constraints and communication preferences. Some options include webinars, conference calls, round table discussions, large group presentations or joint presentations (where you present part of the material).

Ongoing Enrollment
Ongoing enrollment administration can be a time consuming task for even the most seasoned HR professional. That’s why we offer enrollment administration as part of our employee benefit products and services offering.

Our experienced benefits professionals simplify the new hire process and keep your benefit program running smoothly by overseeing all aspects of enrollment administration including adds, changes and deletes.

This service saves you time and money, reduces the chance for error, protects valuable employee information and guarantees your satisfaction.

Should you prefer to keep your enrollment administration in-house, we can simplify the process by providing you with access to our web-based enrollment tool.

To learn how we can customize our enrollment administration services to meet your needs, please call 267-880-2300.