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FirstRisk Advisors Capabilities Report

FIRSTSTUDENT is a unique line of products and services designed by FIRSTRISK ADVISORS exclusively for the student insurance market. From extensive webbased solutions to the Student Health Zone, FIRSTRISK ADVISORS years of experience in the health insurance industry, has helped clients to develop solutions in this complex market.

In these times of rapidly escalating rates and the corresponding rise in medical and prescription costs, it is imperative to have a company with the experience and creativity to create a customizable solution with a balance of both cost and plan benefits. This is exactly what FIRSTRISK ADVISORS can do for you.

Providing dynamic plans, excellent pricing and superior customer service is only a part of developing a fruitful, long lasting relationship. FIRSTRISK ADVISORS goes above and beyond simply an 800 number for students to call with concerns, or a voicemail box for school administrators. By being pro-active, providing educational tools to students such as the FIRSTSTUDENT Health Zone as well as in person visits to schools to answer questions from students and health center employees on their insurance program, many common problems are avoided, and other problems addressed before they become serious. After just a short period of time, it will become apparent FIRSTSTUDENT is “PUTTING STUDENTS FIRST.”

To review FIRSTRISK ADVISORS complete suite of products and services, please follow the link below.

Download Capabilities Report (PDF)